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A boutique swim lesson experience in Tampa, FL focused on quality swim lessons and results.

Why Swim Academy?

  • Small Class Sizes 

  • Individually Focused 

  • Expert Instructors 

  • Flexible class times

  • Locally owned by swimmers

Get Started for As Low as $26/class!



Tara, Mom of Jaxson & Stella

When my kiddos started their lessons, it was a half an hour of tears! By week 3, weren’t able to keep them out of the water. I recommend anyone looking for an amazing swim lesson experience for themselves or their kiddos that are apprehensive about swimming. Their professionalism, passion, patience and love for my kids mean so much to us.

Female Swimmers

Dora, Mom of Maddie

Great communication, friendly staff and good quality. My daughter has excelled in their lessons, going from knowing 2 strokes to all four in just a month. I highly recommend them to anyone!

Professional Swimmer

Marli, Mom of Conrad

In an incredibly short amount of time my son went from not being able to swim at all, to being a little fish in the water. He has gained amazing confidence and skills. Water safety is so important, and we are so happy that we found an organization who value their clients and provide top notch lessons.


Want to learn more? Call us! 813-348-4820

Multiple Convenient Locations

Small Group or 1:1 Private Lessons

Individualized Approach

Lessons for all ages!

  • Where are you located?
    We have 3 locations: LA Fitness (Esporta) Palm Harbor 35104 US Hwy 19 N Palm Harbor, FL 34684
  • How much are lessons?
    Private lessons for kids are 20 minutes and cost is $40. Private lessons for adults are typically 30 minutes and cost is $55. Small group classes are $28 per class. Please note, all classes and lessons are perpetual and billed as a monthly tuition. If you sign up mid month, you will pay for the remaining lessons that month. Moving forward, we bill on the first of the month for the total number of classes/lessons in that month. We require 2 weeks notice to unenroll.
  • How do I choose an appropriate class level for my child?
    Private lessons are available for all ages. For kids ages 4M-36M: We typically suggest Little Fish classes for new swimmers under age 3, so as to avoid separation anxiety from parents and focus on learning swimming and safety foundations in a fun environment! For kids age 3 & up: Beginner 1 classes are for children with no previous lesson experience, or for those who may have apprehension or fear around the water or when placed in a new environment. Kids entering this class will not willingly submerge / put their face in the water. The curriculum is very similar to Beginner 2, but moves at a more conservative pace. Beginner 2 classes are for children who have had lessons in the past or have spent a large amount of time in the pool and have no fear or apprehension around the water. Begintermediate classes are for children who can swim/kick unassisted (can swim, take a breath, and continue swimming) and can retrieve objects from the bottom of the pool. This class builds on foundations and begins teaching freestyle. Intermediate 1 classes are for kids who may be familiar with swimming strokes but are looking to improve them. Emphasis is on teaching and fine tuning freestyle and backstroke. Children should be able to swim 25 yards unassisted freestyle before entering this class level. Intermediate 2 classes are for kids who have a grasp of both freestyle and backstroke and are ready to add breaststroke and butterfly into the mix!
  • What happens if I miss a class/lesson?
    We allow one makeup per month. Makeup tokens are automatically generated in the Parent Portal upon absence from a class. Tokens may be redeemed in exchange for a makeup class via the Parent Portal. Tokens expire 30 days after issuance, may only be used when a child is actively enrolled, and may not be used toward your regular weekly class. We do not offer refunds for missed classes.
  • What should I bring to my child's lesson?
    A swimsuit & towel! Goggles are optional, and sunscreen is recommended if your child is swimming outdoors. If your child is under 3 years old, we require 2 swim diapers - a reusable or disposable AND a Happy Nappy Swim Diaper cover. We sell reusable Finis swim diapers ($10) and Happy Nappys ($16) at the pool. You can also find Happy Nappys on Amazon.
  • Do you have "sessions"?"
    No. Our lessons/classes are perpetual. We find that a set number of classes/lessons might be too many for a particular child and not enough for another child. Everyone learns at a different pace and has a different end goal. We do occasionally offer intensive sessions (8 lessons over the course of 2 weeks). Intensives are usually offered over the summer.
  • How often should my child attend lessons?
    We recommend trying to come more than once per week if your child has any level of fear or apprehension around the water. Otherwise, it is up to you! Obviously increased exposure leads to faster results, however we understand that people have complicated schedules.
  • Is the pool heated?
    Yes! Our pools are heated year round to +- 84 degrees
  • Do you offer discounts?
    Yes! We offer a sibling discount of 10% - first child is charged full tuition, any additional children receive 10% off. We also offer a 20% multi class discount - second, third, fourth weekly classes are 20% off. *Multi class discount only applies if you are enrolled in an ongoing weekly lesson.
  • Do you have a registration fee?
    Yes, there is an annual registration fee of $25 for all students
  • Do you offer scholarships?
    Yes! We partner with an amazing organization called Hope Floats that provides swim lesson scholarships based on need. To apply, visit the Hope Floats website here.
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