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No sessions. No checkboxes. No stale curriculum.

At Swim Academy we recognize and embrace the fact that everyone learns differently and at their own pace. No set class sessions means that students have the opportunity to progress on their own learning curve.  We make children water safe, instill self-confidence, and build skilled swimmers. 


Water safety is immensely important no matter where you live, but in a place like Florida, where we’re surrounded by water, it is a necessary life skill.  We strongly believe in establishing a balance between respect for the water and comfort in the water, to help make competent swimmers whether at the beach or pool.



Independence in the water is a huge source of pride for young swimmers. We make this possible by basing all of our teaching on two core foundations: body position and breathing.  Proper body position makes floating possible, and proper breathing techniques make extended swimming efforts easier. Both skills help swimmers work with the water instead of against it, and are useful in recreational or competitive scenarios. 


Swimming technique and skill sets are constantly refined by swimmers even at the most elite levels.  We provide the foundations for a well rounded swimmer and continue to work on refining skills and reaching goals. 


We believe that no matter what a swimmer’s goals are, we can provide the tools necessary to achieve them, while hopefully fostering a love for the water along the way!


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